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Coaching is a professional partnership that focuses on your individual dreams, goals, and needs. A coach is trained to invest in you through the skills of active listening, powerful questioning and direct communication. A coach helps you design creative concrete steps toward fulfilling God’s purposes for your life. A coach encourages you in an honest conversational process that provides accountability for growth and change. A coach helps you grow without telling you what to do.

Coaching is not therapeutic counseling for those with emotional or psychological disorders. Should such a need become evident, a referral will be made.

What Can You Expect as an AGC Client?
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Advance Global Coaching seeks to provide personal, relevant coaching for those in every arena of mission work. Each member of our coaching staff is a certified life coach with cross-cultural experience. Click here to schedule your free initial session.

Below is a list of our available packages. Click on any package name for more information.


Missions Exploration Package
Is God calling me to a career
in missions?

Missions Pastor Package
How can I do it all when there
is only one of me?

New Missionary Package
How can I say “goodbye” and
adjust well to a new culture?
Missionary Children's Package
Where is home and will I ever
fit in?

Experienced Missionary Package
How can I be more effective when
I feel stagnant?
Parents of Missionaries Package
How can I release my child to God’s
work and keep my sanity?

Returning Missionary Package
A whole new world of possibilities,
but why doesn’t it feel like home?

Missionary Debrief Package
Who can help me “unpack” my missions experience?

Custom Package
Work with AGC to design the
coaching you want.


Missionary Marriage
Enrichment Package

We want to grow together in our marriage, but how?

Missionary Couple Package
We have joint goals, can we be
coached together?


Partnership Development
Group Package

This is so new to me, where
do I start?

Departure Group Coaching Package
I want to transition well, but how?

Cost, Payment, and Sponsorship Options
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